How do I get my customers to buy from me?

Dr Helena Rubinstein, head of behavioural science at Innovia Technology and lecturer in psychology at the University of Cambridge, has spent her career finding answers to the age-old question, ‘how do I get my customers to buy from me?’ Mary-Anne Baldwin reveals her thoughts.

Helena Rubinstein started her career in advertising, running an international brand consultancy where she saw first hand that customers don’t always buy or act in the way the research says they will.  She’s since made it her mission to understand why. 

With a doctorate in social psychology from the University of Cambridge, Helena is now working with the behavioural science team at Innovia Technology. There she uses her knowledge of human behaviour to design intuitive, customer-friendly products and processes for its clients. 

Helena spoke at the recent B2B Marketing Leaders Forum 2019, where she revealed both some of her knowledge on behavioural triggers and shared some actionable advice for marketers.