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How to find your ‘Eureka!’ moment

Neuroscientist, author and TV presenter, Dr Jack Lewis, explains how to improve your work performance, mental focus and creativity through simple brain training techniques. 

Your morning starts by checking your emails and flipping back and forth to the addictive, never-ending stream of Instagram images, often before getting out of bed. Does that sound familiar?
How about this scenario? At work, your attention jumps to every email or tweet that pops up, and along with each comes a gnawing sense of anxiety that you must reply immediately. 
If that didn’t register, this one will definitely get you. You’re finally home, crashed out in front of the latest Netflix series, yet your mind is still wandering. One eye on the screen, you send a text to your friend, jot a few things on your grocery list and take another little look at Instagram.
This is you keeping up to date and in control, right? Not quite. According to the neuroscientist and author, Dr Jack Lewis, each little distraction comes at a cost. Every twitch of the attention takes a few pennies from our mental reserves until our funds are too depleted to master the important things like, you know, your entire marketing strategy.

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