How to forge an emotional connection with your customers

Knowing that the B2B buyer is often torn between head and heart, Jess Pike explores the approach needed to win around sceptical prospects and encourage customers to stay on side.

Without the much-lauded impulse purchase (think Ferrero Rocher at Christmas or a strawberry Cornetto on a summer’s day), shopkeepers across the land would be throwing their hands up in despair. ‘Don’t think about it, just buy it!’ they’d cry, dancing around maniacally while offering up their unwanted stock to perplexed customers.

But it’s clearly not just consumer purchases that have the propensity to get our hearts racing: cliché though it undoubtedly is, B2B buyers are equally torn between head and heart, and while brands logic will get so far, gut feel is what often pushes customers over the line. So how can you make sure you’re tapping into their emotional subconscious? And why is hitting an emotional nerve so crucial during the marketing (and sales) process?