How Panasonic's brand awareness campaign drove 105,000 visitors to its campaign landing page

Discover how a whole new way of tracking allowed Panasonic to deliver big results for its 'Think again' campaign.

When I mention the company Panasonic, what product do you immediately think of? Is it a television? Possibly a camera?

That’s exactly what Stephen Yeo, marketing director at Panasonic, has to deal with far too often. “If people ask me who I work for, they inevitably exclaim: ‘Oh, you make televisions.’

“I always have to correct them and explain that actually 70% of our business covers non-consumer products and services in the B2B space.”

And this was the inspiration for Panasonic’s recent ‘Think again’ campaign: to quite literally make its audience think again, shifting the perception of Panasonic as a purely consumer-focused company and making people aware of its strong B2B offering.