Populating the hive: How to encourage internal CRM adoption

A CRM system stands or falls on how well you can get your sales team to use it. Molly Raycraft investigates how you can drive internal CRM adoption to ensure your office buzzes with efficiency.

Bees are known as one of nature’s most efficient workers – dare I say, more so than the average human. The reason for this is not just instinctive survival skills. It’s data. Just like we have CRM systems, bees use audible codes that communicate with the entire hive. So it doesn’t matter what department the bees work in, they’ll know where the resources are and what’s available. This is how the hive grows. 

This harmonious communication system is something every marketer dreams of. But unlike bees, we work with sales teams. We’ve all heard the excuses – they just don’t have the time, they’re too busy doing deals, they can’t see the value in keeping it updated. These attitudes don’t only undermine our lead generation activity, but also mean the touch points a prospect may have had with marketing are lost. We asked marketers to give us their advice on the best ways to drive successful CRM adoption internally.

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