How to win a B2B Marketing Award on a budget

With a limited budget and timeframe, the campaign, “Tudder, ‘Tinder’ for Cows” was a smash hit that attracted both farmers and global media attention. Kavita Singh connected with Jon Lonsdale, CEO of winning company, Octopus Group, to talk about the Tinder-inspired livestock app.

About the campaign

“Tudder, Tinder for cows” for the startup Hectare Agritech, was set up as a Tinder-style livestock app for farmers to swipe ‘right’ on cattle. Their aim was to grow subscribers to Hectare Agritech's online site: SellMyLivestock. Hectare wanted to communicate that farming could be a profitable business as online livestock trading is one way of working more efficiently.

With a budget of only £22,500 and a timeframe of about a month, the campaign aimed to smash three distinct objectives.


  1. To raise awareness of the opportunities for farmers to trade livestock online by using data intelligently 

  2. To grow subscribers to the SellMyLivestock platform, which allows farmers to find and trade livestock 

  3. To gauge international appetite for online livestock trading in key markets such as the US, Europe and Australia