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Ignite 2018 keynote #4. Mika Yamamoto: How new technologies are enabling marketers' customer obsession

While digital transformation is commonly associated with the move to the cloud or the adoption of new innovations such as AI, blockchain and machine learning, these are just pieces of the larger puzzle.

Digital transformation is not about the simple adoption of these tools, but rather their application and how they ultimately make a difference. The most important application of emerging tech, regardless of your role within a company, is the customer experience. The customer is the red thread that links everyone together – delighting buyers and expanding your customer base is what brings everyone in to work in the morning.

Businesses with the ability to tap into emerging technologies to create agile environments that build personalized and engaging customer experiences will be the ones that endure and thrive.

Mika’s presentation will provide case studies on smart ways brands are levering technology to create unique touch-points with customers, as well as common mistakes to avoid. She’ll also share practical advice on how brands can embark on a digital transformation journey, providing tips they can implement to directly boost their own customer experiences.