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Ignite USA 2020 Keynote session: How to create, nurture and lead an unstoppable team

This changes everything! How to create, nurture and lead an unstoppably creative and successful marketing team

Speaker: Carla Johnson. Best selling author and keynote speaker, Outsourced CMO

In this eye opening, inspirational and visionary presentation, best-selling author, speaker and B2B influencer Carla Johnson reveals why success is not about your tech, your process or your playbook. It’s about your team.

Whether you are leading a team now or will be in the future, piece by piece Carla will explain and arm you with the six archetypes every team must include and develop, to deliver outcomes that rock!

  • She’ll show you how to go beyond tactics and put the spotlight on talent.
  • You’ll learn how to avoid the all-too-common missteps and mistakes in teams
  • You’ll discover how to successful build much more tangible creativity, relevance and value into your work

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