Ignite USA 2020 Keynote session: Managing your goddamn stakeholders

Managing your goddamn stakeholders: The single most important success factor in B2B marketing.

Speaker: Doug Kessler. Creative Director & Co-Founder, Velocity Partners Ltd

Whatever level we are operating at, we all have stakeholders reviewing, approving or rejecting our work.

If you think that maybe gives a whole bunch of people in your business way too much power to block what you know needs to get done, then Doug Kessler thinks you’re damn right. And he’s here to show you how to change all that.

Brought to you in his own inimitable, edgy and entertaining style and packed with disruptive thoughts, Doug will show you:


  • Why stakeholder management is so critical
  • How to get these goddamned people aligned, before you show any work
  • How to build cases and design experiments
  • The little-known tools, tactics and approaches you need to understand and deploy
  • How to turn stakeholder equity into great work

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