Inside Really B2B’s award-winning campaigns

David Rowlands, editor at B2B Marketing, recently sat down with Charlie Nicholson, head of planning at Really B2B, and Kristina Haddrell, group account director for Really B2B. They dive into two of their most successful campaigns for M&S Corporate Gifts and Kettyle Irish Foods (part of the Linden Food Group).

DR: Hi Charlie, thanks for joining us today! Do you want to introduce yourself and just say a little bit about yourself?

CN: Yeah, of course! I'm Charlie, head of planning at Really B2B, which basically means that we look after the strategy side when we've got new prospects coming in, and work out what we think is the right fit of our product services for what their need is and matching it to that. Then, we continue to work with them, and they become clients of ours. So, we're constantly bringing in all of the new innovations, giving our clients the best service possible.

DR: Brilliant, and Kristina, what about you?

KH: Thank you, Dave! So I’m the account director at Really B2B. I've been with Really B2B for five years, and my role is really to oversee all the projects that we deliver for the clients we work very closely with, such as the planning, strategy and creative teams in order to deliver on those projects and keep everything running smoothly for everybody.

DR: So Charlie, can you give us a little overview of the Kettyle Irish Foods campaign? What were you trying to achieve in the first place and what challenges were you facing?

CN: Yeah, sure. So it all started back in 2017.

Guinness was trying to grow their share of the food market and agreed a partnership with the Linden Food Group, which is the owner of Kettyle Irish foods the brand. They agreed to the partnership so that they could be the solo licensee of Guinness burgers.

So, Linden decided to use their premium brand Kettyle to push that product to market, but, after about two years, they’d had little to no success, and not been able to prioritise it as a project with their account managers because they were very time poor and, frankly, they simply didn't have the evidence to justify a buyer taking on the new product, especially given there was a slightly restricted perceived target of a Guinness drinker.

So, they needed to make a decision on whether they were going to continue to invest in this product or cut their losses. And that's when Maurice, the MD of Kettyle, got in touch with us. He knew about us and knew that we prided ourselves on our candour, so he could trust us to give them a frank answer on whether or not they should proceed with this. And so we went away, reviewed their challenge, and the market, and we thought there was an opportunity for them, created our framework to give it one last try, and I guess the rest is history!