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INTERNAL COMS: Get your house in order

A growing number of companies are recognising the potential benefits of effective internal communications. These are most starkly presented in the 2005/6 Watson Wyatt Worldwide Communication ROI Study which found that companies that communicate effectively have higher levels of staff engagement, lower staff turnover and a 19.4 per cent higher market premium than those with poor internal communications.

Jane Valentine, senior consultant at brand consultancy Dragon, says, “Companies that don't communicate well and openly with their staff run the risk of the gossip mill – the fastest, most effective communications machine in any business. If you don't tell people what's happening it will take more time and effort to correct the rumours and misinformation can lead to internal discontent, distrust of management, silo working and a 'them and us' attitude which can severely affect business performance.”

Nor is this only an issue for large consumer brands. For many B2B companies it is their employees who deliver the brand experience and so have the greatest impact on how the firm is viewed by existing and potential customers. Read on for a ten-point tutorial in implementing effective internal communications in your company.