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INTERNATIONAL MARKETING: Segmentation is key to unlocking Euro DM

Dan Quayle, the former US vice president, once stated somewhat erroneously ìWe have a firm commitment to Europe. We are part of Europe.î But however off- the-mark he was geographically, he wasn't too far wrong if he was speaking about business. A Euro-vision of conquering the continent can achieve 'nil points' unless you have understood your database ñ and the peculiarities of B2B when it comes to data marketing.

Most marketing experts will agree that data segmentation is key when attacking any market. You have to target the right offer at the right people at the right time, and the content should be driven by the segmentation, rather than trying to fit the database around your latest creative.

This applies in Europe more than anywhere else in the world, where there is a single continent comprised of diverse cultures. Europe has 20 official languages with Irish set to become the 21st in 2007. These cultural differences present enormous challenges for marketers, and the added complications and pressures of B2B marketing don't make things any easier.