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INTERNATIONAL MARKETING: The world is your oyster

With North American and West European economies starting to falter under the strain of the credit crunch, an uncertain property market and a wave of corporate profit warnings, many companies are beginning to wonder where sales growth is going to come from in the next few years. For some the answer lies in the increasing globalisation of the world economy, and specifically the dynamic booming economies of Asia.

While global marketing has traditionally been fraught with difficulties, many believe the Internet has made it a more feasible option. “The web changes everything,” says Chris Wilson, MD at marketing agency Loewy Brand Communications. “If you have a well-constructed website that does well in Google and other search engines you need to be prepared for a global audience and in all probability a global customer base.”

Digital dictation software company, BigHand, has recently discovered a global market. Loewy designed and optimised a website to promote its services and as a result, traffic has increased from all over the world. Wilson admits this presented the company with challenges in terms of delivery, but once it had resolved these it found it was a global player with an expanded market.