January’s biggest brand reputation fails and how to avoid them

From staff cuts to controversial campaigns, Rebecca Ley takes a look at the biggest public faux pas of January 2019, with sterling advice from our marketing leaders on how to keep your reputation in tact

Consistent internal messaging is a solid way to communicate the value of marketing’s activities, get backing from other departments and unite the whole business. But in many companies it’s bottom of the priorities.

Its true value is never more obvious than when a crisis hits – get the internal comms wrong, and you can be sure the external message just won’t hold up. Or worse – the public takedown comes before any internal strategy can be agreed.

Whether you’re going through a rebrand, or making necessary job cuts, how you deal with those issues will have a big impact on your brand reputation. ‘No comment’ just won’t cut it – the key to keeping your reputation intact is how you communicate.

If January is anything to go, 2019 could be the year of brand reputation fails. We look at some of the worst so far and asked senior marketers who attended our recent B2B Marketing Leaders Roundtable for advice on how handle things with a bit more aplomb.

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