MARKETING AUTOMATION: Personalisation - Tailor-made marketing

Personalisation is still in its infancy in B2B, largely because the data isn’t there to support it. But Alex Blyth says there are still opportunities.

There is no shortage of examples to suggest that personalising B2B marketing messages produces results. Matt Hall, MD of Profunnel, describes how his client, Leaseplan, started using personalised emails and saw its click-through-rates rise from under five per cent to 25 per cent. “The more personalisation, the better the outcome,” he says.

There is also a host of technologies that promise to make personalisation possible. None of this is new. So, why then is personalisation in B2B still stuck in its infancy? Graham Sharp, strategic planning director at marketing agency Information Arts, puts it more frankly, “Generally, the B2B sector’s use of personalisation is appalling, especially when compared to B2C.”