Marketing innovation: Proven ideas from a tech start-up guru

Nick Worth’s experience of innovation is impressive. Today, he's CMO at Selligent, but between 1999 and 2007 he co-founded and ran tech-based start-up Schematic. Like many entrepreneurs, Nick’s efforts began in a coffee shop in Santa Monica, California. He started with a mere party of five, but when he sold the interactive marketing and software agency in 2007, it had stretched to 350 employees across three countries. Here, Nick shares how he built the business through a culture of innovation – including the challenges and lessons he experienced.

  • Choosing the right team: how to choose a team that will cultivate innovation, stay organised and communicate.
  • Upscaling innovation: how to determine when you're ready for upscaling and intertwine innovation across the company.
  • Dealing with failure: with success comes risk, how to best deal and recover from an innovative campaign gone wrong.
  • Build a customer base: how to attract an audience that appreciates ideas outside the box.
  • Responding to resistance: what to do when company culture refuses new ideas.