MIND THE GAP: Gender inequality widening in marketing

New research has revealed the gender imbalance in marketing is worsening. Jessica McGreal asks why, and investigates how to close it

The latest Marketing Rewards Salary Survey by The Charted Institute of Marketing (CIM) has revealed the pay gap between male and female marketers at director level has grown by 10 per cent since 2012. This is compounded by the fact a greater number of men are reaching higher levels of the marketing profession, according to research by marketing recruiter EMR. More than twice as many men (18 per cent) reach director level compared to women (seven per cent). The same is true of head of marketing roles, with 22 per cent of men and only 12 per cent of women achieving this level.

The CIM has said the situation is actually worsening despite the vast majority of graduate and junior positions being occupied by women. As a result, the gender pay gap in marketing is not an issue at entry level, but at leadership level. EMR highlights the gap between men and women in senior marketing positions is most marked between the ages of 30 and 49. Seventeen per cent more men than women reach director and head of marketing positions in their 30s, and 16 per cent more in their 40s.