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NEWS ANALYSIS: B2B Marketing Annual Conference 2011 report: Let’s get social

Putting self-congratulatory to one side, B2B Marketing’s Annual Conference was an informative and entertaining day, says Alex Aspinall

Key takeaways’ is something of an overused buzz phrase. However, they are sadly conspicuous by their absence at an alarmingly high percentage of the conferences, summits, seminars and symposiums that litter our calendars these days. So it seemed appropriate that, in the bookish surroundings of The British Library, the delegates at this year’s B2B Marketing Annual Conference left having actually learnt something.

The odds were favourable, given the seniority of the assembled speakers. And they didn’t disappoint. After Cisco’s UK and Ireland marketing director, Ian Symes, kicked off the proceedings with an interactive word game and an exploration of the importance of strategic planning, attention switched to a refreshingly candid social case study from Psion. The B2B technology company’s global leader of digital communications and social business, Jonathan Brayshaw, described how his company transformed its offering by becoming a truly social, community-led organisation.