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Outdoor advertising: Digital revolution goes underground

We investigate how digital media is changing outdoor advertising (OOH) and how it will evolve the future

Outdoor has traditionally reached many people: huge billboards at road-sides have been a long-standing feature, which are now seen almost everywhere.

The London Underground is one of the more popular, historic sites on which to advertise. Opened in 1890, the network has been running advertising as far back as anyone can remember, and is now one of the largest potential ad sites in the UK.

With three million journeys made each weekday on the tube - a majority of which are business commuters - it is easy to see why the site is worth so much in ad revenue. Transport hubs are already well established sites for major B2B companies: Microsoft, Vodafone, IBM, Orange, Bank of Scotland Corporate and O2 are just a few of the big companies who already target business commuters at train stations around the UK.