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Is price dead in B2B marketing?

Price has always been one of marketing’s four Ps, but has its importance been so diminished in B2B that it’s no longer relevant? After discussing with marketing leaders, Paul Snell wonders if it's now time to be talking about the three Ps instead

As a marketer, how much influence do you have over what your organisation charges for its products? The answer from many CMOs may well be "not much".

Pricing decisions now often lie in the hands of number crunchers and bean counters as the products and services offered by B2B organisations become more complex and niche.

That CMOs are left looking on from the sidelines should be a concern, given price is one of marketing’s four ‘P’s – the fundamental components of a marketing strategy and one of the key tools in a marketer's armoury. However, it does raise a more existential question – is price dead as a lever in B2B?