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PROFILE: Amanda Jobbins, vice president of European marketing at Cisco

While many B2B marketers I've encountered have entered into the business via sales or other industry routes, Amanda Jobbins is a career marketer through and through. She currently runs the European marketing for Cisco managing teams based in four geographies and overseeing all of their marketing activity; including PR, channel marketing and architectural marketing. The latter, she explains, involves marketing technology solutions in logical groups of products using terms that customers understand. This makes sense of course. And sense is definitely something that Jobbins seems to have in abundance. That, and razor sharp wit.

There's no doubt that Jobbins is sharp in many senses of the word and this has manifested itself in a number of ways during her time at Cisco. This is particularly the case in the way in which she helped to steer the brand through the recession despite joining the organisation during the crux of the credit crunch. She admits that her marketing budget was 'severely impacted' during this time, particularly in events funding, and that this meant she had to find inventive ways of making trade-off choices to bring the most bang for the buck. Virtual events, which according to Jobbins was relatively unchartered territory for Cisco, was one such compromise that came up trumps.

"As a result of the recession, we experimented with fully virtual events and hybrid events, which enabled us to extend our audience reach at a significantly lower cost," she reveals. She goes on to explain that this happened with both trade events and internal events, coolly citing Cisco's annual sales conference as the largest virtual event with over 20,000 participants.