PROFILE: Anna Fenten, UK director of marketing, Sodexo Prestige

When it comes to marketing business entertainment, the affable Anna Fenten, UK director of marketing at Sodexo Prestige runs a tight ship. Victoria Paley reports

On a relatively grey winter's day in London, I find myself sat opposite the perfectly charming and sunnily dispositioned Anna Fenten, UK director of marketing at Sodexo Prestige. We're onboard a boat no less – for moored at Embankment Pier, Fenten is fortunate to have Bateaux London (the restaurant cruise operator) as her office base. The enticing setting seems fitting for an internationally successful fine dining events company. After all, achieving the 'wow factor' is surely never far from its key objectives. Yet despite the gentle sway of the contemporary vessel, it becomes clear throughout the interview that Fenten has her feet planted firmly on the ground.