PROFILE: Emma Hewage, head of marketing EMEA, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

It’s the little things in life that often matter the most, right? And it was the attention Emma Hewage paid to the small details that got her noticed and led her onto a path that would see her as senior marketing manager for LinkedIn’s marketing solutions across EMEA.

Hewage began her career working in charity and student radio with dreams of being a DJ, but when she was put in charge of spoken word programming she feared she was at the uncool end of something that was already uncool. However, she loved it, explaining: “The more I got into radio, the more I realised I really enjoyed producing content and documentaries, and spoken word was something I was passionate about.”

While she was temping as a receptionist to fund her way through university she asked the agencies if they had any work with production companies. While she was transcribing interviews about climbing the north face of the Eiger, she meticulously translated all the German words she heard and checked they were spelt correctly. It was this attention to the small details that got her noticed. Hewage says: “They were like: ‘wow, this isn’t the usual temp we get in’ and they were interested in having more conversations.”