PROFILE: Naresh Chouhan, UK marketing director, Truphone

Fring missiles at drone planes from naval frigates is an unusual start to a career in marketing, but it worked for Naresh Chouhan, UK marketing director at global mobile operator Truphone. The self-confessed geek, who still enjoys writing code, began his career working with the navy writing software for radar and missile systems.

With an obvious love of tech, that will no doubt put him in a good position in a world where marketing technology is growing in importance, the leap to an enthusiasm for mobile isn’t that great. This infatuation also began years ago: “I was probably one of the earliest adopters of mobile generally. I went into sales and my first company car had a mobile, it was a massive great box right in the middle of the car, you had to reach round it to grab the handbrake.”

Chouhan has since stopped writing radar software and worked for some of the country’s largest mobile phone brands: Nokia, Motorola, Orange and Vodafone. However, this technically-minded marketer clearly likes a challenge and appreciates working in an agile and fast-moving environment. When he joined Truphone in April 2013 he was tasked with changing its brand perception.