PROFILE: Tracey Fennell, head of marketing at SWIP

By her own admission, Tracy Fennell, head of marketing at SWIP, is no wall flower. Victoria Paley meets the marketer showing the investment management world what she’s made of

Under the gaze of  Edinburgh Castle, Scottish Widows Investment Partnership’s (SWIP) headquarters stand equally grand if a little less imposing. Inside its HQ, is as I imagine most investment management playgrounds – inoffensive décor, shiny floors that amplify the sound of expensive heels and a blur of corporate faces darting in and out meeting rooms.
When I meet Tracy Fennell, head of marketing at SWIP, I can see why this is her turf. Donning a sharp black suit and skyscraper heels that look suspiciously like Louboutin, Fennell oozes corporate style and efficiency. I sit up a bit taller and try to be extra serious – but I needn’t.