ROUNDTABLE: How to make video work for B2B

B2B Marketing’s roundtable in December 2012 focused on how to make video work for B2B brands. Joel Harrison reports.

Video marketing is potentially one of the most engaging, exciting and dynamic techniques available to B2B marketers. Its power to engage time-poor business decision makers, in particular, is increasingly apparent, and brands and marketers are tuning in to the opportunities video creates to connect with diverse business audiences.

Despite this (and the hype by vendors and leading B2B brands with deep pockets and opportunities to experiment), to date, actual use of video is far from universal in B2B sectors, and only a small proportion of brands can legitimately claim to be using it well; an even smaller number to be doing so with any real level of sophistication. This is changing, slowly, with increased use of video being driven by accelerated internet download speeds, falling production costs and more sophisticated analytics enabling more effective measurement and insights – not to mention improved ability to demonstrate ROI.