ROUNDTABLE: My brand’s bigger than your brand

B2B leaders may be under pressure to drive revenue, but corporate vanity still has the potential to influence marketing spend. That’s one of the revelations from a roundtable of senior B2B marketers, hosted by Joel Harrison, editor-in-chief at B2B Marketing

Brand versus demand: it’s the eternal conflict for B2B marketers. The sales team and the CEO are screaming for high quality leads in order to drive revenue. But as any good marketer knows, without a strong, consistent and well-communicated brand, their organisation will not even get considered, let alone reach the shortlist.

So how do senior marketers resolve this struggle? How do they retain focus on one, without losing the effectiveness of the other? This was the focus of a roundtable discussion run by B2B Marketing, in association with Ogilvy, for senior marketers in June. The event also sought to explore content marketing, the current hot buzzword in B2B, the changing role of media and advertising particularly in the wake of the recession and how marketing can work best with sales.