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SEARCH: Bid for success

Pay per click (PPC) marketing is growing up fast – it's been ten years since the first PPC venture was launched by the now defunct Whilst still fundamentally a straightforward bid-based advertising model, relentless growth over the last decade in the search marketing industry has created an enormous market for PPC, which in turn has demanded from marketers an increasingly intelligent and strategic approach to the way in which they utilise the medium.

The voracious desire of so many brands to inject money into PPC strategy shows little sign of slowing down either. According to recent estimates from eMarketer, paid search continues to make up the bulk of UK online advertising spend, with the amount of money being ploughed into it set to rise from £2085 million this year, to £2890 million by 2013.

In B2B, evidence suggests that investment in PPC marketing is as desirable as ever – a recent study by search engine marketing company Enquiro showed that brand recall rose by 27 per cent when a B2B company was at the top of the sponsored results listings compared to being top of the organic results. “We are seeing an increasing understanding by B2B marketers across all sectors that their customers and prospects are online and using search throughout the buying process,” says Richard Robinson, industry head of B2B markets at Google. “With this realisation B2B marketers are focusing greater effort and resources on taking advantage of paid search marketing.”