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SEARCH MARKETING: Content - the golden key of link building

Hopefully, most marketers know enough about SEO to realise that incoming links to a website (also called backlinks) are a big part of the search engine algorithm that determines which site to rank before another. Getting links to your site is important if you are trying to rank for a highly competitive keyword or phrase. In fact, getting a first page listing for a competitive keyword on Google without any links is near impossible.

What you might not know is that it's getting harder to generate these links within the guidelines of the search engines. Previously, you could (if you wanted, although it was never recommended) buy large quantities of links for your website to increase your link authority. But, in the last year, Google and other search engines have cracked down on this, so if you are buying large quantities of links you could get banned from the organic search engine listings. And rightly so, as the organic listing is about relevancy and equal playing fields as opposed to buying your way to the top.

Quality not quantity
The initial idea behind the use of link measurement as an indicator of relevancy was that a link to a particular page is equivalent to a 'vote' by the linking page for the linked-to page.