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SEARCH MARKETING: Local search - Close to home

With the dominance of the Internet as a lead generator today, search marketing has become an even more important element in a business's marketing activities. As businesses need to engage with clients, looking a little closer to home has slowly become the focus of many companies in the B2B market.

As Russ Cohn, head of business and local markets at Google UK, says, don't think of the businesses you want to attract and trade with as anything but customers. "In the advertising world, marketing messages are being targeted at the consumer and not the business, because businesspeople are consumers too. If you have local advertising it's very relevant to business, but particularly SMEs."

US-based Kelsey Group's Yellow Pages, local search and classified ads forecast concludes that over the period 2005-2010, local search will be an essential component in the growth of total advertising in the US and across global markets. Print publishers and online players will expand the overall market, rather than taking share from one another. Online classifieds will also see rapid growth over this period.