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SEARCH MARKETING: Seek and you shall find

When Nike wanted some artificial grass for its new advertising campaign, it entered 'artificial grass' into Google. Evergreens, a company that sells artificial grass to businesses, came out at the top of the listing, so Nike got in touch. This is just one new client that Evergreens has won through revamping its search marketing strategy.

It narrowed its set of search terms, optimised copy on its site according to the best performing search terms, and continually tested and evaluated results. Those results have been impressive. In the past three months Evergreens has seen an increase of 90 per cent in the number of visitors to its website, and an increase of 110 per cent in online sales.

This example shows how important it is to get search marketing right. Edward Foster, business analyst director at search marketing agency The Search Works, adds: According to Jupiter Research in August 2004, 88 per cent of online transactions begin with a search query. This is only one reason why marketers are so enthusiastic about it. They also like the fact that they only pay when customers click the links, and they like the way they can alter their campaigns instantly to respond to news and events, or internal changes such as more or less stock.