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SEARCH MARKETING: Selling the value of SEO internally

After speaking at a Base One Search seminar in September I was surprised how the attitude to SEO is changing. B2B marketers are finally starting to realise there is more to search marketing than pay-per-click advertising. What became clear from feedback is that there are many of you that want to see what SEO can offer,but can't sell it to upper management. 'SEO? Isn't that the dark art of online marketing with no guarantee?' Your boss might not understand why it would be beneficial to invest in SEO when results aren't guaranteed and PPC advertising is so transparent - you pay for each click, there is no mystery, that's it.

Search statistics

This is all well and good, but your boss might insist you invest in PPC as you know what you are getting and you only pay per click. But what would the downside be? Notably, 74 per cent of search engine users prefer organic results to sponsored links (PPC advertising).