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SOCIAL MEDIA: The brand monitoring buzz

When a customer of one of Graham Robb's clients set up a Facebook page spreading false rumours about the said client, Robb's internal social media monitoring tools soon kicked in. Quickly alerted to the offending page, Robb and his colleagues at Recognition PR rapidly entered crisis PR mode. Forewarned and forearmed, they were, according to Robb, "ready to field calls if the issue was picked up on by journalists."

Robb's firm has a particular niche in PR crisis management, making this ability to spot potentially damaging stories, which are just under the mainstream media radar, invaluable. But what about brand monitoring for B2B marketers in general?

A must-have tool
"I believe it's a must-have," says Gifford Morley-Fletcher, director of strategy, inbound marketing at Base One, when asked about social media monitoring. "It's such an easy thing to do so it would be a mistake not to do it. Most important of all, what you discover by monitoring social media can impact on all of your marketing activities."