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SOCIAL MEDIA: Can business get social?


According to a recent survey published by email broadcaster Emedia, one in ten users of social networking sites visit for business purposes. And just days ago, BT Tradespace relaunched its website to include a social networking platform for businesses. It's strong evidence to suggest that Facebook fever has reached the B2B marketing sphere.

B2C advertisers have been getting in on the act for some time, using the astronomical rise in popularity of Facebook and Bebo to reach their audiences. The medium so far hasn't suited B2B brands; after all a huge proportion of social network site users are university students and teens. But the landscape is starting to shift. BT Tradespace, which allows companies to build relationships and share information in a purely professional environment, has already surpassed 25,000 members since its launch in April, while another new kid on the block, online business social network, Viadeo, has accrued 30,000 members since hitting UK shores in January. The latter, along with more established networking tool LinkedIn, also offers brands the chance for display advertising on its sites, which in turn offers up the opportunity for some incredibly targeted marketing.