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SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook in B2B - Personal and professional?

Everybody knows that Facebook is popular. It has nearly 500 million users worldwide, 50 per cent of whom log in at least once a day, and around 25 billion pieces of content are shared every month. As previous rivals such as Bebo and MySpace fall into obsolescence, so Facebook becomes ever more dominant. In the UK, 24 million people, around half the adult population, are on Facebook.

However, what relevance does this have to B2B marketers? After all, Facebook is predominantly a consumer space. Most of us know it as a place where we connect with old classmates, cringe at photos of drunken friends and half-heartedly tend to a virtual farm. It hardly seems the ideal location for B2B marketing.

Yet, this is changing. A growing number of B2B marketers are finding ways to use Facebook as an effective marketing platform. It is not for every business, and it is still early days, with many companies tentatively finding their way into this new space. However, if only for the sheer scale of the platform, Facebook is a medium that the serious B2B marketer can not afford to ignore.