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SOCIAL MEDIA: LinkedIn develops information gathering platform

You may or may not be aware, but towards the end of last year, LinkedIn announced that it has opened up its platform to developers. What this means for marketers is that we now have the option to access LinkedIn data and integrate it within our own sites and applications. This is fantastic news as we can optimise our content further, taking advantage of social media integration at less cost.

LinkedIn's latest offering in terms of functionality is similar to that of Facebook Connect, but from a B2B marketing perspective it is more attractive because of the target audience demographic and if you already have a LinkedIn strategy in place then the open platform is one that can enhance this further. For LinkedIn, opening up its platform will help increase awareness of the brand amongst a multitude of sites, with the objective of encouraging those who have dormant accounts to re-activate them and start using them effectively.

Think carefully
First of all, before we get drawn toward the bright light of this shiny new world we need to ensure - as with all social media tools and applications - that we are certain this will provide value. Just because we can tap into LinkedIn's data pool does not mean it is a substitute for an effective CRM strategy or social CRM strategy for that matter, as this should already be in place.