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SOCIAL MEDIA: Putting your head on the blog

A new blog is created every second. So, in the time it took you to read that statement four more blogs were launched. That's four more people creating their own online journal. Four more people who may be writing about your organisation, your products, and your brand values.

Blogs (short for Weblogs) are perhaps the most potent demonstration of the democratisation of new media. Individuals - exorcised by any number of vendettas - can hop onto their digital soapbox and target whomsoever they wish; be it a politician, a corporation or a cause.

Blogs are not necessarily 'mud-slinging' sites, in fact more often than not bloggers (those who blog) champion causes and celebrate those things they deem worthy of praise. Neither are blogs merely the domain of the geek or the obsessive. This view may well have been held two or three years ago, when blogs started to prick the public consciousness - and therefore allowed those who weren't engaged in blogging to dismiss their impact.