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SOCIAL MEDIA: Social web and the silent majority

We know that social media - or the social web as I prefer to call it - has an increasingly powerful effect amongst B2B buyers, but at this early stage it's also not easy to get right. It takes time to do, and there's no 'magic formula' - it's going to work in a different way for every business.

Right now, in its infancy, many people are dipping their toe into the water, but not many are getting any measurable effect. It's difficult to know if it's worth the effort. 
Evangelists describe social media as an unstoppable force, onwardly marching forward. You'd better get converted quickly.

Aren't you tweeting yet? You loser, your business is screwed. OK, that's a bit facetious, but if you're not in the cool gang, you may feel a bit left out. Don't worry, actually you're just normal. I'd like to sidestep the hype and instead add a little perspective into how the social web could work for B2B businesses.