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SOCIAL MEDIA: Tweet smell of success

Eighteen months ago, few could have predicted that Twitter would become the social media phenomena that it is now. By its own estimation, Twitter is now worth around $1 billion. It recently announced that it had passed the 10 billion tweet mark. Sceptics argue that they can't understand the worth of this (so far) free to use, ad-free platform, yet none can deny that Twitter is now one of the most talked about Internet trends. Its popularity has divided marketers into two camps - those hailing it as the best bandwagon they ever jumped on, and others scratching their heads in confusion as to how it all works.

In the B2B space, there is a general sense that Twitter is coming of age. Plenty of B2B brands are already using it to good effect - and it's not just the playground of the tech-savvy companies either. "A wide variety of companies have adopted Twitter from many backgrounds", says George Ioannou, head of creative and strategy at Maginus. "Sectors include automotive, financial services, healthcare, media and entertainment, travel and hospitality and retail."

Users say that Twitter is about creating brand awareness, listening, extending networks and generally interacting to add something of value - over and above generating leads.