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SOCIAL MEDIA: Virtual events

It's a small world, and it seems to be getting smaller. Take a recent seminar held by PA Consulting Group in New York. According to one candidate - Nic Mitham, MD of social media consultancy KZero - about thirty people attended. "However," he says, "we were actually all in our own offices in different locations across the globe." He adds, "We were able to listen to speakers from PA Consulting Group talk about the future of three-dimensional environments and also see physical representations of what they were describing. All of this was possible because the seminar was held in the virtual world of Second Life."

2006 was the year of social consumer media, with YouTube, MySpace and Second Life becoming household names. Brands have started to use new media to market to consumers and B2B marketers are beginning to do the same to their audience. The potential of the medium is huge and something that no marketer can afford to ignore.

Social media: a history
Social media describes websites and web services on which users publish their own content and collaborate, converse and network with each other. It includes blogging, video sharing, podcasting, photo sharing, citizen journalism and virtual worlds like Second Life.