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SOCIAL MEDIA: Webinars - Taking face-to-face marketing online

Face-to-face communication is one of the fundamental ways in which to build a relationship with customers. However, what if you could interact with a client in just the same way as visiting them, all from the comfort of your own office? It is now possible to generate close relationships with customers, who could even be on a different continent. Thanks to the web, fast Internet connections and desktop applications that bring the idea of the videophone to life, every B2B enterprise now has the chance to reach new customers. Although, more importantly, the webinar - as it has become known - offers the chance to reinforce existing relationships with clients, which as every enterprise knows is the bedrock of a sustainable business.

Unlike the webcast that streams its content and marketing message to an audience, the webinar - or web conference - takes the concept of the webcast one stage further. The webinar enables two-way communication to take place between the presenter and audience. Now broadband is almost a commodity, more businesses are seeing the benefit of using the web as an interactive marketing tool. In the B2B arena, the webinar is particularly attractive as it enables a concise, highly targeted marketing message to be delivered.

What's the advantage?
Internally, the key benefits are interaction between offices or even individual personnel with minimum disruption and cost. Colleagues can hold meetings, pass new ideas, be updated on issues and become motivated. Externally, webinars can educate an audience about more of your businesses services or products.