SPEAKER Q&A: Caspian Woods, chief content strategist, Editions Financial

Why is there so much poor content out there?
Everyone’s become a publisher. People think they have to get their message on every channel, to be seen by everyone. It seems to be all about quantity, rather than quality. Every type of agency is rebadging itself a ‘content agency’ – whether it’s PR, digital, social, media buying or advertising. But poorly written content is damaging to a brand’s credibility and messaging, so is churning out content without thinking about tone of voice and quality control. Everything you put out should be read with your target audience in mind.

How can marketers cut through the content avalanche?
You need to focus on the marketing and not just the content. In the hype for content, the marketing is often forgotten. A well-thought through strategy makes the difference. In the recent CMI Content Marketing Survey, 84 per cent of marketers who said they are ineffective at content marketing, had no documented strategy.  You also need to seed your content through various channels – make one piece work harder, rather than creating lots of content. And it’s fine to share existing content your audience will find relevant, but add an opinion to make it original.

What’s your number one tip to create good content?
Make sure it serves a purpose, don’t just write something for the sake of it. Think of it in the context of how it’s going to super-charge your marketing objectives whether they are hook, engage, interact, cross-sell or retain.  A  A  And then consider whether your target audience will find that particular piece of content relevant and credible coming from your brand.