SPEAKER Q&A: Laila Lotfi, head of product marketing, Redgate Software

Why is there so much poor content out there?
Well, content can now be created really easily (e.g. a video on your smartphone can be swiftly posted on YouTube or a blog post can be published in a hurry without peer review), which means everyone can be a content creator. There are literally millions of content creators on this planet and few editors. So I’ll answer with a rhetorical question here: how do you expect not to see rubbish content out there?

Give an example of a great B2B content marketing campaign
BrightTALK are pretty good. It understands various marketing personas, concerns, challenges and goals. It sends me a weekly newsletter telling me what webinars are coming up and if there’s a topic relevant to me and my circumstances, then I take time off to watch it. Not only do they produce content that is useful for me, but I also like the fact that it keeps the content digestible (20 -30 minutes long) to fit with my schedule. 

How can marketers cut through the content avalanche?
That’s hard one. However, I’ve found that if the content we produce is genuinely valuable (i.e. relevant and useful) for our audience, and we can find a way of attracting attention to it, then we tend to be alright. There are many ways of attracting attention and some that have worked for us are, using prominent figures in our industry and doing something out of the ordinary (more on that during my talk).