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Taking the leap: B2B innovation

Innovation takes centre stage in the minds of many marketers, but too few are making the jump from talking about it to doing it

We’ve all heard the marketing battle cry ‘innovate or die’ and witnessed the casualties of this war meet their demise, from Kodak to Blockbuster, because they failed to heed the advice. But does this mantra make you brim with optimism, or does it strike fear into your heart?

If you fall into the latter camp, you are not alone. Research conducted by B2B communications agency Man Bites Dog at the end of 2014 showed that, of 200 CMOs interviewed, 82 per cent agree that B2B marketing is experiencing a crisis of creativity and 92 per cent agree that B2B brands require a radical new way of working in order to be creative. CMOs report feeling ‘starved of inspiration’, with very little time for ‘abstract thought’, and many say their organisations are fearful of innovation and change, yet 97 per cent concur that ‘innovation is critical to the future success’ of their business.