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TECHNOLOGY: Brand management - Keeping up appearances

Branding in the B2B market is about much more than a recognisable logo or catchphrase. We shoe how software applicationsĀ can help you manage your brand right from your desktop

According to industry research by Gistics, an average marketing professional looks after 5000 brand assets in more than 400 different formats and performs around 10 asset searches a day. Of these, around 35 per cent fail, and wastes around 10 per cent of the practitioner's day. And the research also points out that replacing assets that are lost or misplaced costs organisations a huge amount of money, year-on-year. Asset management systems are now recognised as a way of saving time and money, and with average return on investment of between seven and 15 times the costs of the system, it's hugely appealing to brand-led organisations.