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TECHNOLOGY: Bringing your website up to scratch

European Heritage is one of the UK's leading suppliers of high quality tiles. It sells to both consumers and businesses, and until recently had three showrooms around London. However, earlier this year it closed two of them, and invested heavily in a revamped website. Ben Martin, MD at Yucca, the company's online agency, reports the move has significantly reduced its overheads and improved communications with business customers.

It is just one of many B2B companies transforming themselves through more effective use of websites. Indeed, in the past decade B2B websites have changed beyond recognition, and B2B marketers now have an array of tools and technologies available to use.

However, not all B2B websites are this successful, and not everyone is convinced these new technologies warrant the hype. In fact, as we face the prospect of tougher economic times, and as achieving a return on online expenditure becomes ever more critical, many experts believe that B2B marketers need to adopt a radically different approach to their websites.