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TECHNOLOGY: Digital signage

Visiting recent trade shows, some London Underground stations and even your favourite stationery superstore, you will have noticed they have become awash with multimedia displays.

On the back of the television revolution in the home that has seen flat panel sets become increasingly popular, plasma, LCD and now LED technology is finding its way into high street stores and now the B2B sector. Recent figures suggest there are now more than 10,000 retail outlets using some form of screen technology to communicate with customers. Market intelligence company iSuppli also forecasts the world digital signage and professional displays market will top £13 billion by 2010.

What is clear is that the days of the static display are numbered as IP-supported screens become cheaper and more widely available. Mark Hopgood, technical director of Plasmanet, says, "Within the B2B market, businesses are increasingly using digital signage for internal and external communications. By leveraging the power of corporate intranets for internal B2B communications and extranets for communication with other companies, businesses are able to keep those receiving the messages fully informed and engaged. With the right platform and infrastructure (i.e. networked screens across a broadband connection), internal B2B communications can include multiple sites, business unit to business unit or even country to country."