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TECHNOLOGY: Presentation systems

How successful do you think your last presentation was? Presenting your business's products or services to clients is crucial to the long-term longevity of any business, but in the highly demanding B2B sector, getting your message across is imperative. However, presenting doesn't stop there. Internal communications within your company can be vastly improved with well-designed presentations, which everyone from the CEO to the salesforce can benefit from.

Rick Lippiett, creative director at agency Glass, says, “Like meeting people, first appearances are critical. A slick, well-branded, high-production value presentation will lend your business an air of credibility and will also make a statement about your attention to detail and your delivery values. Sloppy presentation means sloppy delivery in most business people's minds.”

For all businesses, presenting their goods and services is an essential component of their business's brand message. Communicating this message in a dynamic and informative presentation is vital. Alex Brayshaw, account director at agency DNX, says a presentation's impact is about more than great-looking slides.