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In a world heaving under the weight of billions of web pages, keeping up to date with the information you need can be time-consuming and repetitive. A fast emerging technology called RSS (Really Simple Syndication) solves this problem by allowing users to identify the content they are interested in and have it delivered directly to their desktop or portable device.

RSS takes the hassle out of staying current with new information by automatically telling users when updates are online. This beats having to continually check back to a website and then search for relevant content or wade through a flood of emails. Essentially, users become their own editors, while marketers increase brand awareness among targeted visitors.

No longer do customers have to be separated from the content they need to know about by interface or navigational issues. The problem of 'modality shift', which occurs, for example, when a target reads a print ad exhorting them to 'Call this number' or 'Log onto this website', disappears.