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TECHNOLOGY: Web analytics software

Web analytics may well be the answer to that age-old marketer's conundrum: “I know that half my budget works – I just don't know which half.”

The main benefit of digital media is its 'trackability'. Whereas in the early days web analytics was very much an IT-centric application producing fairly rudimentary data on website activity, now its capabilities have become much more sophisticated, while at the same time its power has shifted to marketers. This has enabled them to gain a deep understanding of website visitors and, ultimately, spend their budgets most effectively.

Andrew Hood, general manager of Lynchpin Analytics, says, “We can show you how to make your marketing more profitable. We can very easily monitor the effectiveness of every pound you spend, how many people came, how many spent money and which campaigns are – and are not – working well. This is absolutely the key to good analytics.”